This will be my first writing about people who inspired me.

What I am talking about are real people,

people  I met  in person.

In Memoriam Ibu Susana Sarwono (Tante Erwin), 15 Jan 2012, 76 y.o.

First time I saw her was at church, years ago, I was stunned for while to this amazing lady. She was old (in age) but energetic and her face reflected a joyful heart. She was Ibu Susana Sarwono or people might know her as Tante Erwin, taken from the name of her husband, Prof. Erwin Sarwono and the mother of Mr Adrian Sarwono. I told to myself that time, that I want to be like her when I grow old.

This morning, when I checked on my Blackberry, I saw lines of status updates of my friends. They put her picture with -Deep Condolences- status. I froze for a moment, feel a bit hurt like something is missing from my heart. I feel lost (of her). The images of her were rushing into my mind, and I felt terribly sad. I cried out. Funny thing is, I even do not know her in private, I just saw her on Sundays for years, sometimes shook hands and said hello.  How I could have this feeling?

One thing I could think about is, she was my first alive inspiration since I moved from Jakarta to Surabaya. She was the first when I join my christian family at Gereja Mawar Sharon, Cempaka. No wonder her image is strongly planted in my mind. Her charm, her energy, her performance, she was a real lady, a devoted wife, a loving mother, a helping friend, a joyful company…  and I believe that I was not the only person who felt that way.

Ibu Jusuf Soetanto (my senior pastor’ wife, Ps Jusuf Soetanto), who was her close friend told me that Tante Erwin  never complaint about anything.  See? That’s why..that’s why she got those  peace and joy, her positive energy was strongly affected people. She was a blessing to many just simply with that.

So, friends, I think it will be wise, for all of us now  to think about :

“what kind of person do we want to be known as when we die”

If no.1 has positive answer, then start to think :

“what kind of things we can do to be a blessing to other people”.  It could be just give a good smile, or a warm hug, or a nice greeting, or from the work we do, or anything we can do.

Life is a battleship. Make sure we can win it to the end. Just like her, a person with a perfect life, both physically and spiritually, she  made it to the end. And she is now in eternal peace with Jesus Christ in heaven. Farewell, Tante Erwin, it was a blessing to know someone like you. You left a pattern in my heart.

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