The count down had started, and there is nothing we can do to make the ticking stop. Soon year 2012 will knock in and  show its face, and with its bright smile and shiny robe, open it arms and welcome to take us to a new journey.

Back to 2011, many circumstances had came along with our foot steps, I am sure all of us experienced the sweet, sour, bitter, failure, succeed, peace, turbulence moments at  different level. As for me, 2011 was a high turbulence year, it was the worst I had for the past 10 years. Too much sadness in it from  slanders, backstabbing and betrayal.  Not yet awaken from the shock, I found out God had prepared and put me in the origin place He wants me to be.  Though I suffered for some reasons which consumed my soul from my unwilling to forgive, I don’t regret it as I always believe the reason behind  every situation is the true value of what God want us to understand.

So, whatever had happened, I still call it a good year because He is still with me.

And for you, my friends, whatever your situation was,  it was the past. There is no reason to live in it. Lets move forward and be ready for 2012. Like God made the rainbow over rain, His promise for us  is there and He never let us down. Good luck!

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