People come ..

People go..

A  couple excited and looking forward  for their coming marriage… they have found a lifetime partner..

Parents happy for their newborn baby…

A husband cries in sorrow because the wife is dead…

A girl  in sadness because the boyfriend broke her up…

Peers spend good times like there is no tomorrow…

I believe if we look back at the past, there must be a lot of marks left on each journeys. The marks of people that come into our life.

Bad things, good things, all happen in our life thru them. They take roles for our sad times, happy times, bring new experiences, make us laughs, make us cries.  Some of them are angels, some are devils,  but none will stay forever, they will leave, die or just walk away.

We will feel that some people are just sent to us thru prayers, to answer our questions, to assist us thru difficulties, to guide us, support us in in certain ways, physically, emotionally or spiritually. We wish that people will stay with us forever, for a lifetime, but sometimes without us doing anything wrong, or sometimes in uncomfortable situations, they will say something, or do something to bring the relationship to an end. If that happen, it should be hurt… hard to accept, right?

I’ve  learned things why certain people come into our life despite of what kind of memories they left.  Why some people come for a season, and some stay for lifetime. They come to give us lessons of life.

If they leave, all we have to realize is to accept that our “needs” is fulfilled. Their roles are done, and it is time for us to move on. All we have to accept is, our prayers has been answered, our needs has been fulfilled, and their roles are over. It is time to move on. No matter how it was, with the right blend, we become better, stronger, brighter, more beautiful.. and we can keep it up to the end of our life. Same as a picture, there are colors, some bright, some dark, but with the right techniques and blending, thats all needed to make the picture to be ready to be hang on the gallery wall, as simple as that.

Be Blessed 🙂

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