Many years in my life,  You were a stranger to me. You were just one person I knew from the book, the picture I saw in the store,  another biography of a great person .. I had no feeling of attachment … because I didn’t know You!

12 years ago … when I was in a dense forest, lost, badly wounded and couldn’t find a way out … I saw You there,  offering Your hand.  I froze, couldn’t make decision, couldn’t trust.  But You were there, patiently awaiting until I slowly crawling to You.

I put my head on Your laps, cried out loud, dig everything deep down from my heart,  and I felt Your hand touch my head, I heard You say, “don’t worry, my child, everything will be alright”.  Since then, each time my wound strike back, I run to You, until I can walk again, and learn to follow You.

8 years ago,  I am cured.  Strong enough even to  run!  I fear nothing, I feel freedom. I see Hope, I see Future. Lord, You are just amazing! This debt, I never can repay. I am Yours!



Now, flashing back of those happenings, I never enough thanking You.  You are in every step I made. You drag me back when I start going to wrong direction, You bless my life, gracefully with all I have. You show me my potential and what I am able to be. And I trust You, I can be anything I want as long as You are there.

Thank you, Lord! For adding another year in my life.  This year will be a new journey with You,  I believe. 

I love You and I want to grow old with You, till You call me back to Father’s home.


… with all my heart, I worship You…

with all my soul, I worship You…

with all my mind, I worship You, My Lord …

l♥ve to l♥ve You, Lord …


Special Notes:
To everyone who get a chance to read this blog, I pray for you to have the blessing that I get. He is the Only God, Unshaken One, Precious One, no one else guarantee your life, nor in Heaven or Earth, but only in His Son’ name, He is JESUS.  Be Blessed.

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