A great man who left this foot prints, a true visionary, one that I consider perfect even tho’ there is no one perfect, he was a man of vision, art, technology, and knew what people need, great presenter with his awesome speeches and sense of humor, yes he was called Steve Jobs, a man of inspiration.

I was stunned by one of his quote,”Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living in someone’ dream”. That quote hit me to the core of my heart and woke me up one more time,  because for years, I always felt that I had a very limited time, I had to race, run, and finish everything I had to do, I didn’t have much time left!  I never thought about any other else but just run and run..and I ended up very tired … so tired…really really tired…

If Steve Jobs got his dream but not wasting time, what did I get without wasting time? I haven’t do anything “GREAT” yet. I had maximum run, not a second was wasted. but what have I got? where is my dream? it is even didn’t appear anymore on my vision for so long, i was blind by the routine,work, kid, ministry, hobby… and… I was proud of it.

I think my life was complete and balance, like what I ever wrote in one of my blog but it was not. There was still a locked door, something inside me that God has given and didn’t do anything to drag it out and make it powerful, the authentic gift since I was born… Yes! we all have it! each of us, differently, like our fingerprints, it might look the same, but God surely created a unique talent inside of each of us. question is …where is it now?

A lot of people dream about living their own life, but how many really think that it is not what they are made for. we are just too lazy..or don’t have enough courage to make a first step, for OUR dream. Sad but true, people married because of the parents, people work for easy thing, running a shop, a business, instead of digging more of the talent, of law, of science, of art or of anything…and make it alive and  synchronize with our life.

It is time to make a deep searching for the hidden talent, passion, desire, dream, and reach it out, make it come true, and I believe Jobs had that. He didn’t care when people talked bad behind him, that he was a control freak, a maniac, and as seen as the reality, his works are admitted by people around the world.

Oscar Wilde quoted,”Be Yourself, Everyone is taken”, and he said that to be ourselves, we need to be brave to take risk. Anyway, it is not a stupid “be yourself” or “be ourselves” as stupid people and loser love to say. When we did  something negative, and been criticized, we tend to protect our ego, and demand our friends to take us just the way we are, even we are wrong, we demand friends to take it as our weak side, but we never want to change our behavior to be better, and just love to keep it as an identity, an image for us as a person…how shameful it is..

Dare to be different, be genuine, even though the world may fight against us, but at least we show how we are different,  because this world has  too many plagiarism. Only authentic people can change the world. Let’s see Columbus, people  laughed at him when he said the earth was round shape, see  Martin Luther King  who died because of his desire of truth, see Mother Teresa who left her comfortable life to live with the poor community in India, and many others that we can see their passions in their work, like the artistes… Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Beethoven etc… these people never stop producing their deepest desire and passion. They are unique, different, and their work are amazingly invaluable. See?

I have my passion and desire too, even though I am not a young woman anymore. I  searched and found it  at the end of 2009, by the sermon of one of our pastor, he said about maximize the potential, I asked him, “what do I have to maximize, I am multi-talented, and I don’t know which one is major. Also, I am too mature to start a change in my life, i live comfortably now, and balance”. But then he said, “it will need process, just search your biggest desire, go with the process, it doesn’t mean you have to change tomorrow”. And his big advice slowly driven me to move, I will make a special thankful to him when I succeed with it. Now it has been 2 year, and I think the time has come, time to make a change, a big step, I have to be brave. So guys, are you ready for a change in your life? Lets pray for it.

♥ Thanks God!!

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