The Past, the present and the future are episodes which we are dealing with them  in our life. People said life is a play-scene, a drama, we see acts that fill in every situation in it. Similar in our lives that we take our role in the act. The previous episode has been made is called the past, there might be no conclusion yet, but it has to be continued to the next episode which is called now, our act at the present time, and even though the future story has not been written, we still have to keep going till the story end.

An episode in life which make people do not have enough courage to move on continue the story  mostly is caused by his failure in the past. The failure that caused  trauma and hopeless.

I am sure that there is no one has planned for failure in life, but the wheel of life is spinning and taking everyone to the turn in different areas, or maybe same area but at different level and intencity. Eventually, when it came to the turn, the wheel would stop at the health, finance, family and friends,funtime, relationships, job, private life or even spiritually.

One thing to keep in mind,  there is a potential that a failure would invite more failures in diffferent area if we are not aware and make some changes.

There was one big failure in my life which dragged me for 4 years.  That time I was making friends with trauma, fear, unconfidence and I walked with my head down. It was not easy at all despite I know that God loves me and is with me, but the intimidations were coming, haunting and blocking my feet to move forward.

Live uncomfortably with those feelings draw me close to Him at the end. With His love and help, I was awaken with new perception and habits. I live in victory with Him since 2004 then.


As described above, the areas that failure that  hit us can be small to big ones, low to high level ones. Small failure is like when we learn biking and fall and caused a traumatic feeling to try again, big failure as in separation by death with our beloved ones  or a divorce. Whaever the failure is, it should not be a reason  for us to stick in it and lose the ability to do anything. If it has past, let it past. If we live in there, in means we live in the past.

Do you remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah? At the moment God saved Lot and his family from  the demolition of Sodom city, and give them a chance  to start a new life, what did his wife do? she looked back and turned into a pillar of salt.

*) Pictures pillar of salt was allegedly as a pillar of salt of Lot’s wife, location at the Dead Sea, Middle East.

Can you see the similarity to our circumstance  when we are dealing with very bad situation, we pray hard to God to show us the way out, and God answered and made the way . But we still look back and at that point we become stuck, we become the pillar of salt, stop there and not going anywhere.  Instead of slumped in grief, fear, worry, we must keep  motivating  ourselves,  look up and see the hope, and live  the coming days with hope. 

Live is only once, and time will continue to run, don’t vain it …

Like when we write something on the sand at the beach, the water will come and  wash to the shore, the writing will disappear and give a new sand surface  again. So don’t keep to live in the  past failures and become habit, leave  it and start from new again. Forget the past … run to the goal …. a future full of hope. DO NOT BE A PILLAR OF SALT.

     ♥ God bless ♥

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