Booming users of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks is an indication that people need other people aka FEAR OF LONELINESS.

a scene in the movie The Legend, starring Will Smith, described him living in a ghost town which  lost all of its inhabitants, no one left but he and his dog.  The picture was terribly creepy, alone in the jungle of concrete-concrete buildings.

Word of God  said that is not good that man should be alone and Eve was created as a companion   to Adam is the embryo that man needs other people in his life, whether family, school friends, business friends, playmates or just a casual acquaintance, when we are engaged in community,   a “relationship”  formed from there.

But the relationship between humans often end up with sadness, heartache and disappointment. Just like in marriages, business relationships and friendships are also not far from the threat of cracking and destruction as well.  Whether is played-off by a third party, dishonesty, envy, or un-frankly  that led to aggravations and 1001 other reasons. = (

So, before engaging further into the relationship, it better to understand the background, character and friendship patterns thats is desired on both sides, because everyone has different style and  perspective.  Some people are  total giver,  some are franks, some are easily offended, some might  just want to  having some fun, some just want to find a place to cry  and also who want casual acquaintances only, but there is one that everyone wants that is a true friend. =)

Yes! everyone wants to have a true friend. Why? Because  real friend has high value. =)

Actually, what is the definition of a true friend?  Is there an expiration date?  how long can a true friend  accompany us?

Kahlil Gibran said, “there is no such thing as true friends, only interests”.
I tend to agree above quote because of the effect of the word “interests”, and if we  honestly examine the types of relationships in any given community, is essentially the same interests, the same passion, the same ideals.

Two people who fell in love to each other  and have a vision of a happy family, will begin to form a new family, and a happy family can be achieved by cooperation between the two.  The ability to coop and work together because they have SAME aim, as well as occurring in a business relationship, a relationship of the same hobby, all can be preserved as far as the goal is still the SAME.
The long  and intimate friendship does not guarantee it will be lasting in the future, because people change.
To qualify ourselves, perhaps it is needed to develop  a commitment to integrity, an honest life and uncompromising. I noted three things that we can develop as a raw value, namely:

  • Motivation:  Sincerity in dealing, whether there is a hidden agenda? or manipulate others to achieve our goals. (Romans 12:9 Let love be not pretend). 
  • Image: Do we consciously give different impressions of ourselves with reality? (Matthew 23:28 Even so ye also, adjacent to the outside you appear righteous in the eyes of people, but the next within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity)
  • Words: Speaking of discipline, which otherwise is the truth. (Mat 5:37 If so be ye say yes, if it does not let you say no. What more than this comes from evil).

By having the above attitudes, at least it would  keep us from the no value  relationships.
On the other hand I believe that true friend does exist, even more than one, and that character  appear when we really need a strut. They can be found in every episode of our lives, in childhood, adolescents, adults, married, parents, etc.. Try recalling the past, and remember anyone who has ever emerged as a true friend when we experienced hard times and needed mental support.
Personal figure of other real friend is Jesus. He is faithful. While the whole world does not care about us, persecute us, throw us,  only He that  was always faithful to sustain us and accommodate our tears in His container. If we seek Him earnestly … then we will find Him, with Him there is true peace. And I want to be like Him, a true friend to everyone, even vilified, insulted and abused, I want pure love  presents  in me – by His grace. Amen.
“You’ll probably forget about the people who laugh with you, but it is impossible to forget those who’ve cried with you” .- Khalil Gibran


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